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Marca Cassity - Deeper (2006)

Rosin Coven - Menagerie (2004)

Melissa Crabtree - Bio-Diesel Van (2002)

December Trio - self titled (2002)

bEASTfest - compliation (2002)

Rosin Coven - Live in the Pagan Lounge (2001)

YOU - Obis Neh (Insiduous Records, 2001)

Kid Kaleidoscope - The Adventures of Kid Kaleidoscope (2001)

bEASTfest - compilation (2001)

YOU - Aeschyus EP (Insiduous Records, 2000)

YOU - Freedom From The Known (Insiduous Records, 2000)

Mozaik - self titled (2000)

SF 2000 Time Capsule - compliation (1999)

Rosin Coven - Penumbra (1999)

YOU - self titled ( 1997)

Rosin Coven - Hippopotamus Polka EP - 1997



A small sampling of some of the many songs written or co-written and performed with various groups. All songs are full-length mp3s, click to listen or right-click to download. Enjoy!

All songs: TITLE (Artist or Group)

SKYDIVIN - (Rosin Coven)
Swingin big-band, words and music by Justin Katz. Appearing soon on Rosin Coven's new album, early summer 2003.

EVE'S LAMENT (Rosin Coven)
Often simply known as "the lounge tune," by Carrie Katz, aka Midnight Rose. A warm, sultry lounge number from Rosin Coven's upcoming album due early summer 2003. Stardust and strife, such is the way of life.

The lickety-split theme song for our feral-minded cartoon-jazz ensemble. Available on our new album, Dr. Abacus.

One of the few ukelele power-ballads this side of Siberia. I can't tell if I mean it or not. Available on You's underground hit album, Freedom From The Known, 1999.

Also from Freedom From The Known, this track followed the acquisition of my first sampler, the awesome Dr. Sample (SP-202). Looped and loopy.

LION SONG (Rosin Coven)
Music by Justin Katz, words by Carrie, my beautiful Midnight Rose. One of the most meaningful songs I've ever been a part of. Available on Rosin Coven's debut album, Penumbra.

BIODIESEL VAN - (Melissa Crabtree)
My incredible friend, Melissa Crabtree, a sometimes twangy, sometimes rockin folk singer, toured the country in a van powered by vegetable oil. We don't have to be slaves to our corrupt oil government, alternatives are really possible! This is the biodiesel theme song. Available on the Biodiesel Van EP, 2002.

A little song that came to us as a faint childhood memory. As you're lulled to sleep, try not to notice the bunny is nibbling your toes off. Available on our new album, Dr. Abacus.

BUSTER KEATON - (Dr. Abacus)
A modern classic by the one and only John Schroeder, part of the soundtrack to so many comic and bizarre moments. Available on our new album, Dr. Abacus.

CIRCUS THEME - (Dr. Abacus)
Written by Carri Abrahms and Justin Katz. Originally part of the soundtrack to Rosin Coven's Beetle Opera, "Dream of The Scarab, A Beetle Bagatelle." Available on our new album, Dr. Abacus.

DELANO (Mozaik)
Written for my grandfather, Albert Delano Uomini, right after he passed away. Must've played it 1,000,000 times in a row. Featuring Dave Flores on drums, Brett Jacobson on guitar, Schroeder on sax, and me on piano. Not available in stores.

This is one of those tunes that works for just about any group that tries it - this version is by Mozaik and recorded at the bizarrely wonderful Isis Oasis in Gyserville, CA.

This would fall into the "songs that were never meant to be medelied" category. Too much metal for any one jazz combo to attempt, but why not!

Words and music by Justin Katz, featuring the guest guitar wizardry of Shelley Doty. Inordinatley ordinary, looks like a hierarchy of the psyche! Available on Rosin Coven's debut album, Penumbra.

SHE (You)
Featuring yours truly on guitar, bass, keys, and vocals, with Patrick Kaliski or drums and Vir McCoy on lead guitar. My contribution to the hazy field of brit-pop indy rock. Available on You's underground hit album, Freedom From The Known, 1999.

ARMAGEDDON (COME & GET IT) - (Rikki Uomini)
Rikki, my slightly cynical folk-singing alter ego, explores our sometimes good/sometimes evil actions and their eternal implications. Appears on SF2000: A Time Capsule, produced by Patrick Kaliski & Metric Sound, 2000.

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